Orchidée Cabinet

This interesting creation seems to be inspired by the idea of a sphere thrown into a pond, forming natural curved waves around it that are distorted by random protuberances. The contours of the exterior of the piece contrast with the squared form of the interior – a bookshelf supported by a central stalk. So as not to disrupt the sinuous, curvilinear forms, an innovative opening system was adopted that divides the cabinet into radial sections that are hinged to the central vertical axis.

These open in rapid succession using a camshaft designed by Rodrigodesign for this purpose. The mechanism can be activated automatically with a remote control or by gently touching the central sphere – the dynamic effect is undeniably spectacular, especially in a dimly-let setting thanks to the interior LED lights whose colour can be changed as desired.


Lacquered wood

W 200 x D 40 x H 150 cm

Limited & Numbered Edition : 8 Unique Piece & 4 Artist’s Proof

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