Nativité Clima 200

Nativité is part of a line of sculptures with integrated climate control systems, created by Pierre Cardin in the early 2000s. The objective of creating a completely self-contained system required a specific study that combined art with advanced technological research.

The concealed core is composed of a self-contained micro-heat pump that provides radiant and convection cooling and heating. In addition, the system dehumidifies the room, purifies the air with UV light and removes dust through electrostatic filtration. This system was designed and certified entirely by Studio Pierre Cardin and a leading Italian technology company, working together in a joint venture.

The system can be controlled remotely with an app for tablets and smartphones. This innovative machine has a minimal depth, allowing it to be hidden within an aluminium sculpture that uses simple geometric shapes, in keeping with Cardin’s well-known stylistic features, to abstractly represent the birth of a baby girl. The sculpture features feminine roundness and three colours: a deep, mature red, a more childlike red created by adding yellow – the colour of a vital flame – and blue to represent masculinity.



Painting Alluminium

W 113 x D 22 x H 130 cm

Limited & Numbered Edition : 8 Unique Piece & 4 Artist’s Proof

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