Lotus Radiator 4kW

Lotus is part of a line of sculptures with integrated heating systems, created by Pierre Cardin in the early 2000s. The concealed core is composed of a powerful radiant system that provides radiant and convection heating. This system was designed and certified entirely by Studio Pierre Cardin and a leading Italian technology company, working together in a joint venture. The system can be controlled remotely with an app for tablets and smartphones.

Like all of the models in the series created in 2007, Lotus is based on a natural form, reproducing the shape of this marvellous exotic flower. The design and brightness of its colour lend a cheerful touch to the living area. A system of LED lights whose colour can be changed by remote control further enlivens the shades of vivid colours. Thin sheets of metal direct the heater’s air flow diffusely throughout the surrounding environment. The material also acts as a thermal flywheel, continuing to radiate heat after the unit has been turned off.


Painting Alluminium

W 120 x D 28 x H 60 cm


Limited & Numbered Edition : 8 Unique Piece & 4 Artist’s Proof

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