Cobra Table

Cobra’s sinuous lines recall the shape of a snake. Historically, the cobra is an attribute of the god Shiva, who is always depicted with a snake around his neck. The cobra represents dormant energy, which is the idea that inspired the design of this piece. The sculpture features a handcrafted wood structure composed of two symmetrical halves.

These halves are separated by a plexiglass sheet that is illuminated with LED lights whose colour can be changed as desired. In dimly-lit settings, the piece creates a decidedly sensual, alluring and dramat c effect.

The Cobra table can be paired with Cobra chairs and customized with lacquer colours that suit the client’s needs.


Lacquered wood and plexiglass.
W 230 x D 98 x H 78 cm

Limited numbered edition: 8 unique pieces + 4 artist’s proofs


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