Sculptures Utilitaires Collection

¨sculptures utilitaires¨started from desgin interiors created from Pierre Cardin studio since the 1970s until today.These are real sculptures which add up to their decorative function the utility one. These sculptures are, in fact, real furniture. Their style changed over the years, but ability to surprise and excite has unchanged over the time.

Sculptures as dresses, dresses as sculptures.
The fashion and design for Cardin is a unique concept.

Pierre Cardin began the production of furniture ¨haute couture¨ in 1977 in order to improve imagination to the french creative designers in the furniture field. The result is a collection of fascinating sculptures , so beautiful and with an incredible personality.

Pierre Cardin & Sculptures Utilitaires presentation

Pierre Cardin & Sculptures Utilitaires presentation



From that famous 1977 study Pierre Cardin was producing sculptures of incredible artistic value, resuming, sometimes, some themes that characterized the Pierre Cardin fashion collections. One example is the theme of ¨L’Amour¨ who, taking inspiration from Espace dress, originated the particular line of sculptures ¨Homme et femme¨.
From 2007 the young designer Rodrigo Basilicati becomes the new creative mind of the ¨Sculptures Utilitaires¨ collection, according to his unique and inimitable style. New sculptures reflect the lines and forms of nature, with bright colors and the special lacquering treatments that make them incredibly elegant.
The sculptures of lucky collection ¨Sculptures Utilitaires¨ have literally travelled around the world and were exhibited in many major cities like New York, Paris, Monte Carlo and many others. For those who want to see and touch in person, some items are still at the Museum of Pierre Cardin in Paris and at the two showrooms in Venice and Paris.

Present,Paste and Future

2014 design furniture Pierre Cardin.


The '70's

‘ 1970 design furniture Pierre Cardin.


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